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The Booth Family Center

The Booth Family Center, located on the Rough and Ready Highway, is run by the Salvation Army. The Center operates nine family rooms and a community room and kitchen to help homeless families. Calvary Bible Church sponsors a room at the Center for homeless families. Kathleen Bills is the coordinator for CBC participation. The room we sponsor houses a family who is interested in becoming self-sufficient, but needs some help. CBC not only provides monetary support for the Center, but also furnishes the room with linens and bedding which the family can take when they are ready to move into a rental. The Center helps homeless families get back on their feet providing them with some structured rules to follow and enabling them to locate services to help them. Spiritual counseling is also available.


Christian Encounter Ministries

  Christian Encounter Ministries (CEM) has been dedicated to the purpose of reclaiming damaged young people for more than thirty years. Since its inception in 1970, CEM has provided a safe haven for troubled youth to begin the process of restoration of their physical, emotional, academic and spiritual lives. Christian Encounter Ministries’ 82-acre ranch in Grass Valley serves twelve to eighteen residents between the ages of 16 and 25. In this rural setting, the students have an opportunity to separate from their dysfunctional, sometimes violent home atmospheres. Alongside the residential program, CEM offers an internship opportunity for college students and graduates who want experience working in the youth guidance and ministry fields.


Interfaith Food Ministry

In 1981, Mary Chan went on a missionary cruise to China, Hong Kong and the Philippines. She was moved by the poverty she saw overseas but felt the need to feed the poor in her own community. Thus Operation Blessing began with Mary as director supported by two local churches.

In 1987, it evolved into Interfaith Food Ministry as more churches became involved. Today sixteen community churches are involved with 450 volunteers. There are no paid employees.
Currently, an average of 600 families receives food each week - 52 weeks per year.  IFM is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday for food distribution, although volunteers work seven days per week.  Learn more at

LivingWell Medical Clinic

LivingWell Medical Clinic assists women experiencing an unintended pregnancy who may be facing an abortion decision by providing relevant medical services, education, and emotional and tangible support.  These services, which offer each woman an opportunity to explore an alternative to abortion, are offered at no cost.  The love and compassion of Jesus Christ is evident in the support and truth shared with these women in crisis, and numerous women have changed their minds from aborting to giving birth to their babies.  LivingWell was started in 1986, and many CBC people have volunteered or worked as staff at the clinic or thrift store over its history.  Countless men, women and children have been served through LivingWell’s compassionate, Christ-centered ministry.


Mills’ Family – Youth for Christ/Campus Life – Western Nevada County

For over 30 years the Mills Family has been reaching out to young people from every High School in western Nevada County, taking them on wild and crazy adventures and sharing the Truth of God that can transform their lives.The ministry is led by Scott, Allison,Kacie and Ben Mills and by a volunteer staff of about 20 people of all ages.The goal of Campus Life is to lead young people, by teaching and example, to a deep, eternal relationship with their heavenly father, and to ultimately connect them with a local community of believers.


Nathaniel and Kendra Williams – Youth for Christ/Campus Life – Southern Nevada County

Nathaniel and Kendra Williams joined Youth for Christ in June, 2008. They direct Campus Life Gold Country working with high school students from Bear River, Placer and Colfax, as well as local middle school students and Sierra College students.   The ministry is focused on equipping Christian students to be missionaries on their campus, sharing Jesus' message of grace with non-Christian students and then plugging new-believers into the local church. They do this through weekly clubs, individual appointments, small groups, and trips. 
Kendra grew up at Calvary Bible. Both Nathaniel and Kendra were trained as interns at Calvary Bible.

Wolf Mountain Camps

Wolf Mountain began in the 1960s, when Dick and Norma Jones started bringing children to their ranch outside Grass Valley for a Christian summer camp experience. For more than 45 years, Wolf Mountain Camp has enabled thousands of children, teens and young adults each year to experience the fun and excitement of Christ-centered residential camping. Wolf Mountain uses a biblically-based, relational approach to challenge youth to grow mentally, physically, socially and spiritually.

From the beginning, God has used Calvary Bible Church both to shape and fulfill Wolf Mountain’s mission “to proclaim the character and truths of Jesus Christ to youth and families through excellence in camp and outdoor recreational experiences.” Wolf Mountain website here!

Chuck & Doni Antone - Kona Coast Chaplaincy - Kona, Hawaii

Chuck and Doni began attending CBC in 1969. They were involved with Bible study, choir, teaching, Good News Clubs and organizing social events. In 1981 they moved to Hawaii to join the Waikiki Beach Chaplaincy, an evangelistic ministry that reaches out to the residents and the visitors. In 1992 they started the Kona Coast Chaplaincy on the Big Island. Chuck serves there as the Pastor/Director and Doni as Co-Director/Administrator.

They also minister in Taiwan several months each year - teaching, preaching and giving musical concerts.

Keith and Karen Dodson – Global Outreach Mission – Graham, North Carolina

Keith and Karen are full time missionaries with Global Outreach Mission.  Keith was an active member of Calvary Bible Church before he became a missionary in 1997. Keith is Director of Partnership Development for the mission's Human Resource Team.  His office is in Graham, North Carolina

As Director of Partnership Development for Global Outreach Mission, Keith trains, resources and coaches Global missionaries to develop, maintain and nurture the personal relationships necessary to fulfill God's calling on their lives.  Currently, Global missionaries carry the good news of Jesus Christ to more than fifty countries around the world through a wide variety of ministries.
Serving in mission administration and partnership since 1997, God has uniquely equipped Keith and Karen to prepare others to serve.  Karen manages the logistics of home, assists in the office and ministers in the local community.

Dan & Lynn Griffith & Family - Blanket Coverage Ministry - Portland, OR

Blanket Coverage Ministry is a unique ministry to the homeless because the Griffith’s enter their world. About three nights a week, the Griffith’s travel through downtown Portland handing out blankets, meals and administering assistance. Covering someone under a bridge without waking them imitates a parent tucking in a sleeping child. While the street people are scary on the surface, they are deeply broken, lonely people. Not only have the Griffith’s shown the love of Jesus to thousands, but their compassionate care has also enabled over two hundred people to move off the streets.

Both Dan & Lynn lived in Grass Valley before moving to the Portland area. At CBC, they became rooted in a loving relationship with Jesus.

Sylvia Lambert - OC International - Colorado Springs, CO

Sylvia grew up in Grass Valley, where her parents, Dick and Norma Jones, started Wolf Mountain Camps back in the 60s.  As a family, they attended Calvary Bible Church (originally the First Congregational Church), where they were very much involved in the church’s activities.  Calvary Bible Church was very much integrated into the life of the Jones family.

Besides being actively involved in the camping ministry during her growing up years, Sylvia also served in Brazil and Peru on short term ministry trips.  In 1988, the Lord led her to Vienna, Austria for six years where she worked with another mission organization. In the fall of 1999 after a short interlude in Texas, Sylvia moved to Colorado Springs to work as the administrative assistant to OC International’s president. 

After his first wife’s death, God brought Russ Lambert and Sylvia Jones together and they were married on February 14, 2004.  They continued serving the Lord together with OC International until Russ retired as Senior Assistant to the President in 2010.  With declining health, the Lord called Russ home to heaven in June, 2014.

Sylvia is continuing her work at OCI’s headquarters in Colorado Springs where she works in the Finance Department.

Glenn & Mary Ann Murray - Western States Fellowship - California and the World

For over forty-four years, Glenn and Mary Ann Murray have focused on developing relationships with political and business leaders throughout the world. They share as full partners in the ministry with Western States Fellowship. Most of their time is spent meeting one-on-one with individuals. Their desire is to strengthen, encourage and equip those already committed to Jesus Christ and to creatively represent Him to those who have not yet responded to His claims. They have relationships with people in over sixty-five countries, especially with political and business leaders in Korea and China.
Glenn and Mary Ann live in Grass Valley. They attend CBC, as does some of their family. They have 2 daughters, 10 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren.

Craig & Barbara Prather - CAM International - Arlington, TX

Craig (Carlos) and Barbara were married in Dec. 1970 and have been missionaries with Camino Global since the Fall of 1973.  In 1971 they were interns here at CBC. In 1974 they planted Grand Prairie Bible Church in an internship. For 12 years they ministered in the Basque Country of northern Spain planting the Evangelical Church   of Santuchu and 7 Oaks Camp.
They and their four children returned to the US in 1989 to work among the growing number of Hispanics in the Dallas-Ft Worth area. Their third church plant was Arlington Hispanic Bible Church in Arlington, TX.  In 2005 a Guatemalan couple was   called to be pastor. Craig & Barbara served 4 years locally and nationally developing a marriage and family ministry among    Hispanic churches.  As Field Director of the Hispanic USA field, they provided member care to 27 American and 12 Latin families.  In May 2010, God led Craig and Barbara to their 4th church plant partnering with Mansfield Bible Church under the paradigm of One Church, Two Languages.  All their kids are married and their five grandchildren are scattered between TX, TN, OR  and Kenya.


Catlin Wilcox - Campus Missionary with InterVarsity - UC Davis campus

Caitlin Wilcox started coming to Calvary Bible Church in fourth grade as a non-believer, and attended sporadically throughout middle school. However, entering high school, she was invited to join the high school mission trip to Mexico. The trip was transformative and she decided to live my life for Jesus Christ. As Caitlin entered college, she became involved in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Through studying God's Word, she saw friends become evangelists and classmates learn how to follow God in new and transformative ways. In response, Caitlin decided to serve as a Campus Missionary with InterVarsity on the UC Davis campus.

College is a prime time to reach young people with the Gospel and impact the next generation of business owners, church leaders, and missionaries. In response to God’s love, grace, and truth, InterVarsity seeks to see students and faculty transformed, campuses renewed, and world changers developed.


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